If you experience a threatening situation or a crime is in progress, call 911 right away.

For other issues, please report to BikeHub, and local law enforcement, if you need to report a safety or criminal matter.

Report to BikeHub at 888-659-2291 or email [email protected]

Public Safety contacts by Station:

Metro Bike Hub: LA Metro security 888-950-SAFE
BART Bike Stations: BART police 510-464-7000 (emergency)
877-679-7000 (non-emergency)
Berkeley Bike Station: Berkeley PD 510-981-5911
Pleasant Hill Bike Stn: Contra Costa Sheriff 925-646-2441
Palo Alto BikeHub: Palo Alto PD 650-329-2413
Sacramento BikeHub: Station Security 916-264-5471
LADOT Wilshire Grand: LAPD 877 ASK-LAPD